Voyage sur mesure Tanzanie


Walk among giraffes, elephants and zebras
with Maasai guides

Tanzania is a land of endless plains – and a few volcanoes that seem to rise from the earth’s depths, such as the Kilimanjaro – and promises an unforgettable immersion in the animal kingdom. Meet dozens of wild species in the Tanzanian bush, observe them closely or from far away in your 4×4, and spend the night lulled by the sounds of the surrounding savannah.

Tanzania is also the cradle of the Maasai culture, a warm and welcoming people that you will have the chance to meet in the traditional villages of the country.

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We love Tanzania for…

A journey in pictures

“An unforgettable trip, punctuated by the lovely song of our driver-ranger Amani, which led us from one stop to another: Arusha, then the Chem Chem Lodge, where we had the chance to participate in a walking safari and observe lesser-known species on the edge of Lake Manyara, a flat and arid expanse which has the particularity of emptying itself entirely of its water once the rainy season is over.

After a few days on safari watching giraffes, elephants, hippos and wildebeest, we made an impromptu stop in a village to meet a Maasai tribe, all dressed in beautiful clothes and jewellery, and shared some fantastic moments with them: the children were able to play football with the village children while we joined a traditional dance and watched them go about their daily business!

After a few nights at Gibbs Farm and then at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, we arrived at the Mwiba Lodge, our last stop – incredibly well decorated – before leaving for Zanzibar.

There, in addition to the magnificent refreshing pool, the welcome was impeccable: the Baraza hotel staff taught the children how to weave and make accessories, while we met women selling traditional fabrics on the beach.

In conclusion: lots of memories, and a difficult goodbye for the children who had become so attached to this very exciting Africa!”

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