Short Tales

World Tour

The world tour à la Weisse

There is something definitely captivating about a world tour. Whether it lasts one month or a year, by Harley Davidson or aboard an Emirates Suite, most of us have one day dreamed about doing one.

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My route du bonheur in New Zealand

Julian Robertson was born in North Carolina, in the United States. This American founded a veritable financial empire with Tiger Fund and fell in love with the landscapes of New Zealand, where he has built three of the most beautiful hotels in the Pacific.

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Machu Picchu

On the road to… Peru

For the past few years the enthusiasm for Peru has been such that quotas have been set up to limit the touristic impact on the Incan soil. But some people still don’t know is that the country is as varied as fascinating.

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When to go to… the Galapagos

With the creation of our Short Tales, we have decided to start a new column. As we move away from the mainstream destinations, it can get difficult to understand which is the best time to go to this or that country. Take the Galapagos Islands for example.

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Auckland & the Bay Of Islands

Air New Zealand’s Skycouch

We all have once wondered in front of photographs of extraordinary landscapes, without always knowing that it was in fact New Zealand sceneries. You probably have never heard of Great Lake Taupo, the volcanic city of Rotorua, neither have you heard of Milford Sound fjord or the Bay of Islands.

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Spa & Wellness

Yoga retreats around the world

Forget the daily bustle, relax, meditate and most of all re-energize yourself. A yoga retreat is the opportunity to pause, take some time off and refocus on the essentials.

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One country, one massage

The Ayurvedic massage takes its roots from Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine. It’s based on the synergy between three elements called ‘doshas’: water ‘vata’, air ‘kapha’ and fire ‘pitta’ constitute the vital energies influencing human personality.

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Cool kids

Watch out for them

Some openings catch the eye worldwide: it’s the case of these six hotels from all around the planet. Whether you are more into trekking in the Himalayan valleys or kayaking in the Argentinian rainforest, here is where you should stay.

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